Friday, April 1, 2016


            Just as high school basketball player Nicolas Greely pictured above erupts to the basket for the slam dunk that's what has to be done to also make an impact in the online community. Erupt is a strange word to use I know but would you be reading if the word wasn't there. Michael Hyatt wrote in his book Platform: Get noticed in a Noisy World about attracting your audience by turning on the brightest lights you can find. Hyatt talks about "erupting" technically to grow you visitors by having a simple platform.

Platform = Content

Platform and content go hand and hand each are foundations to your sites, stories and products. It is important for the field of journalism because without quality content there won't be a growth online for the creator of that platform. Many pieces of content do not stand on there own anymore it needs a what and who. We have had to learn more about building the audience through understanding how design and simple catchy titles can get your foot in the door for people to read your content. Content is a concept learned week through week in this class without it you do not have a site or blog.

Using it to brand yourself in journalism

We talked about content being used to help establish audience growth and credibility throughout the semester. We also talked about branding. Branding connects with Hyatt's book because in the book it is explained if you have a great platform marketing doesn't become difficult or tough. Branding yourself takes time and in journalism that can be helped with credibility. Learning in week 5 that branding is what sets you a part from many others that cloud the online atmosphere. Hyatt also introduced the fact that messaging comes together with the branding concept because it can be a as simple as a savvy tagline.


These are points that show the same thinking we have learned from the modules this semester and the book Platform. How each have segments that equal each other. They will be what the people would and should expect from your blog or site that cuts through the noise. Causing the audience to ask themselves if "they identify" and "is there a connection. Platform and content, branding and messaging these four concepts help the individual creator erupt in a noisy world. 

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