Monday, October 27, 2014


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 By Andrew Harrison

   There are plenty of examples of storytelling in sports. All through different medias television, radio and the worldwide web. The message that you hope to make with your writing for the web is to make sure it fits the target market. Sports are entertainment and with that come several narratives to spark your audience to get involved through your message.
     One of the best guys to try to follow a template is Adrain Wojnarowski, he has made yahoo sporting news big not only because of his constant inside knowledge but his ability to tell a story through his writing, and especially when it revolves around a social issue or social blindness.

Sports Addressing a Larger Issue

Storytelling can hint at a bigger picture and a larger story based on society culture. One month ago the social issue of racism popped up ago in the NBA a GM said some things about a free agent. Adrian Wojnarowski wrote a piece about the GM Danny Ferry of the Atlanta Hawks about how he never owned the comments he made. Adrian told a story that had a great beginning and stellar ending. Sports can be that larger story now especially with the growth of social media.

Readers want more than the Hero

Readers now don’t want the puff pieces about the there sports icons, the more compelling story to them are how they got to where they are. It’s almost that human quality in your writing wanting to read the flaws and struggles going back to the idea of social issues like poverty and how they fought through. Having built your platform and target audience it makes it better to tell the story through compelling writing. Giving the readers if you write about the stars the storyline about there life before and they’re life now. Another point you can go for in explaining that as well Marshall own star quarterback Rakeem Cato look on the web and see how many stories revolve around his struggles in Miami and triumphs here at Marshall. It can open up the fact the audience wants what it wants and that’s a good story.