Friday, March 11, 2016

The Game Changer : Sports told in storytelling fashion

Best ways to story tell

Being authentic in sports stories is key to attracting the audience the writer wants as well as keep the ones they already have. Being genuine and using statistics to back up your story. Making sure you are credible and concrete giving your story the power it needs. Using all forms of media as well to convey the story impact. Take for instance the game I want to tell through these game photos of Marshall men’s basketball last home game in the 2015-16 season. The game was a thriller that came to a last second make by Marshall’s Austin Loop (#35) over Southern Miss. Still photos can tell the outcome of the game by the reactions and give you a look at the key point in a game or situation. Having these options give your story weight and power a chance were even multimedia highlights and a recap could be put in the story that do not overwhelm the reader.

A Connection

This is a connection that is important to storytelling because plain text does not do it. More avenues are need to give the story more power. Also giving the article and the site a chance to be search more in an engine as you draw links closer to the site and article. Making sure your HTML can connect easy. Making sure there are ALT txt for photos. SEO options and multimedia are needed to draw traffic to the site and to story tell correctly. Without this there is a struggle to understand the true nature of being a good communicator and storyteller. This needs to happen and videos, audio, text , infographics should be used to tell the story. In my career I have to be able to do this at the best of my ability. I will be in the business of storytelling and to attract an audience I must have vast but not overwhelming media and tools.