Monday, December 8, 2014


     For the last couple of week we have talked about as a class the importance of social media and it’s effect on growing your blog. Everyday individuals and businesses publish content from their own blogs to build the audience and traffic.  As a journalist or serious blogger one must take the needed effort to have a concerted effort to drive traffic to your content. One of the ways that can be done and is done happens to be the way of social media and it’s just not a one time thing it has to be consistent to let you twitter or Facebook audience for example know that something new has just been published and take a look or a read.
     You want to be able to gather enough click on a daily basis or day basis after you post on a blog 1 time sharing on social media won’t help garner the attention you want on your site do it more about three times in one day because people see that on there feeds are more likely to click on it and get to your blog. While doing this type of sharing on a regular basis can benefit it also can annoy some so you will see some backlash when it comes to sharing to promote yourself and work. But if you do not share the links to you work as we do in this class, your audience may never see any new updates.


     ALL of this connects to our everyday lives and for my career or any journalist career. Sharing links to you work not just your blog for social media has been a way that can help set you apart from everyone and garner enough attention. How can you drive traffic if you don’t use the trend of social media that has been happing the last couple of years. Social Media is now a tool for getting news out there before the articles are written. The different avenues allow for greater exposure and build you and your site. This all repetitive I know and not new to many of you, but it is such a necessary reminder that in our business our careers can stall if we are not with the times and trends. It’s about growth and success and one component to achieve that is making sure to share and promote your work because you are all promoting yourself. In a way it’s what makes everything revolve around sharing a message but not always the same message more than once on the sharing site because variety in wording and title will separate you from what some call spammers (blasting the same content with the same wording) can lose attraction quickly had variety on the different sites to not have your audience just continue to scroll through there feed.