Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Blogs that could Satisfy Appetites

      The maroon colored heading, the bold letters up top and the smooth flowing words, one blog that I follow is Andy Katz Blog. Andy Katz is a senior college basketball writer for His blog gives you ample new information going on in college basketball, not only that his blog covers NBA prospects and post draft information and thoughts. The drawing factor to Katz’s Blog stories is the fact of his credibility. Andy Katz is one of the first people to know if something big is going to happen in college basketball.
    Andy Katz archive of blog stories goes all the way back to 2006. He has allowed the readers to read the quotes of athletic directors, coaches and players. The Katz Blog allows an in depth, up close look at many stories such as Texas Tech coach Billie Gillispie infractions. The knowledge given by Katz blog makes me understand the full story. Andy Katz sources continue to be credible as Katz publicly has never had a taken out of context complaint.

    Another blog that I read comes from ESPN. The New York Knicks blog is a blog I follow so heavily. Ian Begley and Jared Zwerling head this blog. The Knicks blog keeps the fans of the team up to date on the latest stories revolving around the team. Exclusive interviews with Knick players and coaches help get Knick fans understanding more about them.

    Even the blog gives up to date statistics on the team performances along with players from the previous season. If you are die hard Knicks fan this blog is perfect. Just look at the latest post on the new uniforms the Knicks will have. All these tad bits of information can be seen. The blog by Ian Begley and Jared Zwerling goes more in depth than the Knick home site, also allowing unbiased writing to appear in the blog.

   The last favorite blog I follow is Yahoo Sports. The Yahoo Sports blog is one of my most frequent visits. Yahoo Sports is known for breaking news stories before ESPN. The writers associated with these blogs have contributed to major stories. All the leagues covered and every big story can be seen and talked about on these blogs.

    Yahoo sports goes more than just knowledge of certain teams or players, the blogs show characters and possible thought processes in the athletic community. The writers of these blogs give you the information to divulge yourself of what a possible outcome of a story might be. Each individual story will present deep thought idea. Leaving readers wanting more is what this blog does well, while making sure the facts are clearly stated.

     It is the fact that all these blogs provide excellent insight and knowledge that makes me visit them every day.

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